Twin Swords – Act III – The Final Dance

~Return To Liyue Harbour Between 1900 – 2100~

Liyue Harbour was quieter at night, usually busy streets now darkened and lit by the occasional lamp. Though, it was still far more active than Mondstadt at the same hour. Paimon floated beside you as you walked, once more on her usual spiel about being hungry. (Didn’t we just eat?) As if reading your mind, your companion huffed. “We ate two hours ago! Paimon thinks it’s time for a snack.” She exclaimed, floating around you excitedly. 

(Always hungry, huh?)

>I guess we could stop at Wanmin Restaurant.

Paimon lit up at that, your companion giggling as she floated ahead of you. “Come on, Traveler!” She called. How come she couldn’t move that quickly when you two were hiking? Nonetheless, you followed after her down the road. “Do I want Jueyun Chili Chicken.. Or ooh maybe Squirrel Fish? Or how about-”

>Black-Back Perch Stew?

“Yes! You know just what I want, Traveler.” She mused, slowing her pace so you could comfortably walk beside her. You gave your companion a smile as she continued on without a care in the world. Despite the hiccup with the Treasure Hoarders a few days before, she seemed relatively excited at the relaxing break from recent events.

You waved at Katheryne as you passed by her, the adventurers’ guild receptionist waving back with her usual smile. Paimon left your side once more, closing the distance between where you stood and where Wanmin Restaurant was located. (Always eager for food, good old Paimon..)

“Hi Chef Mao!!”


~After A Satisfying Second Dinner~

Paimon sighed happily as you two left the restaurant, clearly satisfied with her fill. You followed your companion into the lit square, stopping at the small pond across from the alchemy table. “You know..” Your companion trailed off, drawing your attention. “I wonder why those Treasure Hoarders seemed so intent on attacking you. That was weird.”

(Yes, it was weird.. They’d always been a problem, but that was brazen.)

You stretched your arms upwards, looking away from the pond to survey the square instead. “And how did the Fatui know they took us?” She gasped, realisation dawning on her. “Do you think they were watching us?!” You lowered your arms once more, opting to shrug your shoulders instead. (Certainly possible..)

Before you could respond to her though, a nearby blast caught your attention, eyebrows furrowing as you attempted to locate the source. Your gaze was drawn upwards, the red bridges that stood overhead not far away. The bridge leading to the bank was covered in what seemed like a thick layer of ice. “Let’s go see what that is!” Paimon darted forwards and you quickly followed after her.

The lack of millelith in the area surprised you as you raced down the streets towards the staircases. Usually two guards stood by near here, but they were suspiciously missing. You didn’t have time to think about it as you skidded to a stop in front of the staircase, looking upwards at the ice filled staircase.

“How are we going to get over this?” You ignored her, opting to instead look around, eyes landing on the other staircase. You moved towards it, your companion following with a squeak at your quick movements. “Traveler, be careful!” Paimon called as you ran up the stairs. The storyteller’s area was quiet in the evening, but you paid it no mind as you headed up the next set of stairs.

You stopped in front of the bridge that led to Northland Bank, the night guard surprisingly missing from beside the entrance, the bridge itself coated in a layer of ice. Paimon whipped her head around as she tried to find another way. You stepped onto the ice, hand moving to the railing to keep yourself steady as you traversed the ice. 

You stumbled forwards at the end, catching yourself on the left railing near to the door. Loud crashing within the bank caught your attention and you spared a glance at Paimon who nodded, looking back at the door herself. Here goes nothing…


~Investigate the Commotion Within Northland Bank~

The doors slammed open as you entered the bank, immediately struck with the sight of the night guard, Nadia, struggling to push herself up beside you. Paimon left your side, immediately joining the guard while she struggled. While Paimon attempted to help her, you tore your gaze from Nadia, to the centre of the entrance, to Ekaterina on the ground in front of the desk. 

“Captain Ohm?!” Paimon’s voice drew your gaze upwards, to the captain presumably at the centre of all of this. Tartaglia attempted to use Ohm’s surprise to his advantage, but the captain disappeared from his spot, reappearing behind him instead. Instinctively, you drew your weapon, sword in hand as you surveyed the situation.

“Don’t try it.”

Tartaglia grunted when he dropped to his knees, the captain overpowering him with brute force. Ohm sighed, adjusting his grip on his sword. The only person seemingly uninjured was Sandrone, who stood within the chaos with his arms at his side. “Wait.” Sandrone spoke up, Ohm stilling. “That.. Scar on your mouth..” He trailed off, familiarity bleeding into his words. “Don’t hurt him.” 

(Wait a minute..)

Ohm moved quickly, porcelain soon cracking against the tile floor. You eyed the white and gold mask that now laid in several pieces upon the ground. Golden eyes soon trailing up to confirm your suspicions. “So there are two of you!” Paimon exclaimed as she looked between Ohm and a now unmasked Sandrone. 

(They’re twins..)

Ohm lowered his sword arm, eyeing his brother. Sandrone tilted his head to the side, long bangs partially obscuring his vision. Even here, even now, his face remained painfully neutral. “Yes, there are two of us.” 

Sandrone hummed, turning his head to look at Tartaglia, the ginger still on his knees. “I find myself confused at this turn of events.” Tartaglia looked away, staring at the nearby wall. “This would imply you have hid my family from me, Tartaglia.” His voice remained neutral as he spoke.

(That’s not good.)

“That isn’t an implication, he has.”

Tartaglia struggled to stand back up, wavering from the afflicted injury from earlier. Sandrone crossed his arms over his chest, lilac eyes never leaving the younger harbinger. “Okay!” He admitted, cracking under the scrutinizing stare. “I have but-”

“They told me nobody was missing me.”

Paimon’s soft gasp didn’t go unheard by you as she looked between the three, your companion soon joining your side. “Oh..” She trailed off, looking at you with a frown on her face. You merely returned the expression.

“You have to understand-”

“Do I?”

Ohm scoffed, rolling his eyes as he looked at the eleventh harbinger. (He’s clearly bitter.) The captain used his free hand to gesture. “No he doesn’t.”


Sandrone inhaled shakily, soon shaking his head. “I trusted you.” You blinked in surprise at the sudden tone of anger and betrayal from the man you had come to know as completely void. Tartaglia hung his head, averting his gaze.

“I’m sorry. I had to.”

Paimon leaned towards you, lowering her voice to a whisper. “Should we go..?”

(This is.. Sad. I can’t imagine if I forgot Lumine/Aether..)

Ohm held his free hand out to his brother, drawing Sandrone’s attention, the harbinger looking between him and his hand. “Come home with me, Sulien.” Tartaglia’s head snapped up at the words, the younger harbinger looking at them once more.

“You can’t take him, I’m sorry.”

Sandrone narrowed his eyes at his fellow harbinger. “Isn’t that my choice to make?” 

“Think it through, Sandrone, She won’t let you just leave.” Tartaglia explained, his usual joyful demeanour now completely gone. “You’re too important to her plans.” The man pointed out much to Ohm’s chagrin.

Sandrone lowered his head as he thought it through, eyes closing momentarily. Eventually he sighed, nodding his head. “He’s right. I can’t go with you.”

“Very well, I understand.” Ohm dropped his hand, his sword disappearing from his grip as he took a step away from the harbingers. (Huh..?) Ohm turned his head to Tartaglia.  “But know this, Tartaglia, now that I know where my brother is I will get him home, maybe not now. But I promise you.” The captain threatened in a low voice, the harbinger in question nodding in understanding. 

Your sword disappeared from your side as you straightened out. (I don’t understand.) You watched as Sandrone bent down, grabbing his broken mask from the ground. Ohm turned towards you and Paimon, forcing the two of you away from each other so that he could wordlessly leave the bank. 

You turned to look at the door, eyebrows furrowing at the turn of events. 

“Come on Sul-”

“Don’t call me that. We have work to do.”


~Confront Ohm Outside the Bank~

Ohm hadn’t gotten very far down the stairs before you caught up with him, the captain stopping once he realised you were rushing after him. Paimon placed her fists on her hips as he turned towards the two of you, seemingly unfazed by the turn of events. You furrowed your brows at him, he seemed so unbothered.

>You’re just giving up?!

>You’re leaving?!

The captain nodded his head in affirmation, arms crossing over his chest. But he didn’t respond further, didn’t say anything more. This was who Mondstadt placed their trust in? You couldn’t help but find it laughable. “You’re his brother, you can’t just abandon him!” (Again.) Your words seemed to have no impact on Ohm who turned his head away. 

(Oh, Traveler, how naive you are.) 

You stared at him, only growing more disappointed in his response to these events. You couldn’t imagine leaving behind your sibling. Especially not now. Even Paimon seemed upset as her frown continued to grow. “Do you have anything to say for yourself, Captain?” You questioned, tone harsher than usual. 

(This world is so willing to destroy you.)

Ohm tilted his head to look at you and you were painfully reminded of Sandrone’s own action. How had you missed this until just now? They were similar and yet so different. Out of the two of them, you almost trusted the Harbinger more. Dull lilac eyes stared through you and though you shifted uncomfortably, you merely stared back.

(And what will you do when you realise how few friends you truly have?)

“No, I don’t. I have made my choice.” Ohm finally responded, straightening out. Paimon gasped and then huffed at him. (Does he not understand?) You tried to understand his reasoning, but the captain before you was just as elusive as ever. “You look at me as if I’ve wronged you.” Ohm laughed, but his eyes didn’t shine. “Have I?” 

(What will you do when you see the true nature of Celestia and this world?)

Paimon stammered and you looked away from his expectant stare. Technically no, but it felt like he did. Maybe you were too close to this, it was too similar. “Doesn’t giving up mean you’ve failed? Why give up now?!” Paimon questioned, moving to cross her arms instead. Ohm hummed in response instead. 

“I have to return to Mondstadt. I will see you in time, Traveler.”

“H-Hey wait!” Paimon stammered, but he was gone in a puff of black and navy smoke. “Where did he go?!” She exclaimed, moving around as if she could see where he went. (I will see you in time? Why did that sound so ominous?) You sighed, dropping your hands to your side and shaking your head at your traveling companion. He was gone.

(Will you stand the test of time as I have, or will you crumble under the pressure this world presents?) 

Ohm looked over the ledge of the roof down at the Traveler and their companion, a frown slowly blossoming onto his features. He watched as Paimon led them away, off to who knows where to continue their journey across Teyvat. Lilac eyes drifted to the moon above, imposing and always present. A guide in the dark to travelers lost within the night’s clutches. 

“You do not yet understand, and yet, I do hope you never do.” 

~Quest Complete~