Event Wish; The Twin Swords has been a collaborative effort between multiple Genshin Impact fans in order to bring two Original Characters to life.


We saw the characters Ohm Ambros, Vita Altaris, and Sandrone, Mors Altaris. Twins separated by fate and fate alone. As the Traveler you have been able to experience their story, and we as creators can only hope you enjoyed their story as much as we do. 


We thank you for joining us on this limited time banner, and we hope to see you all on the rerun. If you liked what we did, shoot the website link into the feedback section of Mihoyo’s survey and/or spread the word. We all worked tirelessly to get this out to you all. And you, Traveler, are just as important in all of this.

Meet the Team

Lane Martineau

Creative Director – Voice Actor – Writer – Spontaneous Mathematician Contact:

Henrik Lühring

Beta Reader – Web Design/Builder
Contact: @h5000


Beta Reader – Creative Consultant
Contact: @simp-lyzity


Beta Reader – Website Tester
Contact: @hushyouu

Other Credits

Fonts and certain graphics are taken from the game Genshin Impact

Background for Ohm and Sandrone’s constellation was made by: Halcona