Voice Lines

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Medical Captain Ohm Ambros at your service, let us begin the journey, yes?

Chat 1, Medical Expertise

Have you drank enough water today? Eaten? Please take this field snack.

Chat 2, Doctor On Call

Can I offer gauze in these times?

Chat 3, Boredom

Wow, I’m bored. Amazing. I may freeze the fountain for fun.

When it Rains

This will prove far more useful given my expertise.

When it Snows, Reminisce

I find the cold doesn’t affect me as it used to.

When it Snows, Chilly

Would you like my coat? I don’t feel the cold, you.. Do. Clearly.

When it’s Windy

A usual day, incredibly dull.

Good Afternoon

I suppose I could step away from my work for dinner, care to join me?

Good Evening

My favourite time of day. I can finally get away from all the uh, haha people.

Good Night

Have a pleasant night, if you ever need me, you know where my door is no matter the time.

About Ohm

You’d think my middle name was Busy. It isn’t of course. It’s actually- Oh dear, gotta go.

About Us, Clinical

I’m not just a doctor, I’m a friend too. You’ll do well to not forget that.

About Us, Swordsman

I may be a healer but I’ve done my fair share of field work. I’d be happy to show you.

About the Vision

There is more to visions than people tend to realise. I cannot explain it nor can I explain how I do what I do. But my ambition is to help people. It allows me to do that, no matter the cost.

Something to Share

If you’re frozen be careful of warming up too quickly. Don’t want to shock your body!

Interesting Things

This city amazes me every day. The people are so resilient.

About Kaeya

Cavalry Captain? As much of a pain as he is, he is one of my greatest friends.

About Jean

She and the Grand Master created a title just for me. I owe her quite a bit.

About Diluc

We grew up together. He’s my best friend, don’t tell him I said that though.

About Razor

Fascinating child, raised by wolves. Literally. Huh.

About Albedo

He accompanies me in my lab occasionally, his research methods are intriguing to say the least.

About Zhongli

He gave me the ability to help others beyond my original capabilities. He is incredibly kind.

About Xiao

He’s troubled, I wish he’d let me help him

About Childe

Some people change for the worse, I will not say more.

Unlocked after completing Twin Swords 1-3 About Sandrone

I do not care about what the Traveler may think of me. Just knowing my brother is still alive is enough for me. The things I have done to get here, to learn this… So much has been lost. This.. This is enough.

Ohm’s Hobbies

I find I quite enjoy folding paper origami. Would you like me to teach you?

Ohm’s Troubles

Fate has weighed my family down for generations, I worry I too will suffer for their actions.

Favourite Food

Don’t let anyone know but I actually have quite the sweet tooth. Very troublesome.

Least Favourite Food

I never did like bass.. Or any fish for that matter. Augh.


Happy birthday, friend. A gift! For you.

About Ohm I

-yawn- Oh my, apologies. I don’t sleep often, unfortunately. My office is twenty four seven!

About Ohm II

Here I made you an origami fox, keep it safe will you? I spent time on that.

About Ohm III

What do I know about the art of Khemia, eh? Shouldn’t you be asking Albedo that?

About Ohm IV

There are days I wonder what would have happened if my brother joined me. Would I still be here? In this position? Don’t mind me.. Always thinking of what ifs.

About Ohm V

You and I have become quite close, perhaps we have more in common than originally thought. Nonetheless, I am grateful to stay by your side until the end of your journey.

Feelings About Ascension: Intro

A necessary step forward, Celestia will be pleased.

Feelings About Ascension: Building Up

Though I am intrigued to see where this goes, what is the price I must pay? Celestia always sets a price.

Feelings About Ascension: Climax

The Gods are watching, what piece will be moved next? Where? A game of chess, I have only changed positions.

Feelings About Ascension: Conclusion

Medical Captain Ohm Ambros at your service, let us begin the journey, yes?



Voice Lines

Official Transcription


Have you drank enough water today? Eaten? Please take this field snack.

Wow, I’m bored. Amazing. I may freeze the fountain for fun..

I don’t like to stand still for long, let’s move.