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Sandrone, Number Ten, codename Marionette. Where, when, how. Go.

Chat 1, Puppet

Are we all not just pawns in the Divine’s game?

Chat 2, Fatui

I provide reconnaissance, I’ve no care for the other harbingers’ games.

Chat 3, Idleness

I can do whatever is needed of me. If that means standing here, then so be it.

About Sandrone, Memories

Memories are like ghosts that haunt me. And yet, I can barely remember their faces, masses of nothingness.

About Sandrone, Puppet

I am not the puppeteer, I am the puppet. Use me.

When it’s Windy

There is a distant memory here, like a whisper. It seems I cannot hear it clearly.

When the Wind is Blowing

Dandelion, dandelion, carry my words with your seeds on the wind.

When it Snows, Forest

There is familiarity. I cannot sense more.

When it Snows, Foreign Country

Ha. Just like home.

When it Rains

The perfect cover weather. Learn to use the shadows and you too will understand my preference.

Good Afternoon

Apologies for earlier, I am not a morning man. Lunch? Fatui dollar.

Good Night

I do not sleep come night, I don’t suggest being like me. Sleep well.

About Us, Marionette

I am merely a moldable being, tell me. What do you need? I will become just that.

About Us, Harbinger

I’m told I’m the cruelest harbinger, personally I think it’s Scaramouche. Please, give me your opinion.

About Us, Memories

You’re right, my memory is quite awful. How about you tell me some of your own instead?

About the Vision, Vision

My vision? Yes it does have an odd casing, doesn’t it? I never really understood it. But any power is welcome.

About the Vision, Delusion

Dendro and Cryo don’t have the strongest elemental reaction, but I can use both to shape the battlefield as I see fit.

Something to Share

I used to be an alchemist. Hard to believe, these days.

Interesting Things

Visions can be placed into new casings that are specially made. Of course, there are some casings that are naturally different, they are just rare.

About Ohm

The Medical Captain from Mondstadt? He’s oddly familiar..
Unlocked after completing Twin Swords 1-3 About Ohm
To find my only ally has lied to me and I have a brother… I wonder if he thinks lowly of me given my position and his.. He’s been searching all this time. That dedication… He must love me, and I don’t even know him. Fate is.. cruel.

About Childe

Fruit Tart gets on my every nerve, but unfortunately he’s the only harbinger I don’t greatly dislike.

About Tsaritsa

She trusts me more than my colleagues and yet I believe her ideals will lead to irreparable crossfire, it is the only thing I don’t agree with within her plan.

About Venti

I do not agree with what happened in Mondstadt, I do not believe violence was the answer within the nation of Freedom. Barbatos is a good God, he’d have listened to our pleas without the need for such cruelty.

About Xiao

The Adeptus? I’ve had the misfortune of being on the other side of his spear. But he had the misfortune of kissing my claymore.
About Baizhu
Just another person for me to manipulate, unimportant in the grand scheme of things.
Sandrone’s Hobbies
Hobbies? I read.. Does that count?
Sandrone’s Troubles
My memory.. Please, I just want to remember.

Favourite Food

I quite like anything with berries in it. Nature is plentiful.


A celebration of life? Why? Oh. Apologies. Happy birthday, then.
About Sandrone I
The strings of fate are under my control, and once I have no more use for yours, I will see to their destruction.
About Sandrone II
This job is taxing, taking on different masks, different personalities. So dull.
About Sandrone III
How do you know I used to practice alchemy? Oh.. I see. The art is dead to me now.
About Sandrone IV
I wonder… How different things could be. The stories have always held my fate and yet I can’t help but wonder why I can’t change it.
About Sandrone V
Traveler, you have helped me to remember where even I could not put together pieces. I will follow you no matter where your journey may lead. I promise, I will nurture your strings.

Feelings About Ascension: Intro

Hm, strength. But at what cost?

Feelings About Ascension: Building Up

The strings of fate grow stronger, who else can I control? The opportunities…

Feelings About Ascension: Climax

Fate is mine to grasp, I have no care for Celestia’s rules for me. This strength is mine and mine alone to use.

Feelings About Ascension: Conclusion

While I wish to thank you, I find myself unable to find the words needed. May the Sun shine down on you for the rest of your time within my world.



Voice Lines

Official Transcription

Elemental Burst (Vision/Delusion)

Good luck with your destiny


I can do whatever is needed of me. If that means standing here, then so be it.
Are we all not just pawns in the Divine’s game?
Interesting isn’t it how we are all merely controlled by invisible threads?